Case Studies

Pubs on Wheels:

Pubs on Wheels (PoW) is a new concept unique in delivering an authentic pub experience with the capability of handling large crowds to any outdoor event from a private birthday party or street party through to a large festival or help in writing thesis corporate event, regardless of location, terrain or weather conditions.

OSC have designed and built fully self-contained mobile pubs based on 7-tonne trucks and manage delivery and full setup at your event with highly trained ‘Pub on Wheels’ staff look after your guests.

PoW vehicles are fully self-contained and require no external power, we even provide heating, lighting and free high-speed satellite Wi-Fi Internet connectivity supporting multiple electronic payment options and for organisers or sponsors a unique way of communicating with their captive audience.

With full 4×4 capability, the unique design can be used singly or in pairs to provide a pouring capacity of 1,500 pints per hour.

For large events almost all aspects of Pub on Wheels can be co-branded to your requirements and we will work with your chosen caterers or pouring sponsors or suppliers to provide only the official products.

Sky Pro Cycling:

At the inception of the Sky Pro Cycling team, and based on the fact that our team were the world’s premier builder of highly sophisticated Formula One race team trailers, we were selected to design and create a fleet of vehicles that would make a substantial contribution to revolutionising the world of professional cycling.

As part of the development, we looked into how professional cycling teams operated at major race events and developed the concepts to allow the Sky Team to take a major step ahead of their competitors.

The coaches feature full onboard power generation, satellite communications, full on-board IT network, showers, washing machines, Sky TV, cooking facilities, massage facilities and toilets – all of which can be used while stationary or on the move.

The mobile workshops were designed to allow for the efficient storage of bikes and equipment and the dual slide out PODs allowed this to convert into a fully functional workshop area in a matter of seconds. This allowed the mechanics to prepare bikes in temperature controlled conditions rather than the tradition of working outside in all weather conditions.

The mobile workshops also included a welfare area and washing facilities.

Race day support cars are an integral part of the team and again we prepared these Jaguar based cars to provide all the facilities necessary for a team which would challenge for the Pro Tour covering races including the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and La Vuelta a Espania.

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