Canine Transporters

OSC have developed a range of truck and trailer based canine units for use in extreme conditions in the Middle East.

A fleet of sophisticated Iveco based canine security transport vehicles each capable of carrying 6 dogs has been designed and delivered for use in the middle east. These come complete with sophisticated electronic controls, on-board generator and external power input. Equipped with robust air conditioning and external mist sprays to protect the dogs from extreme temperatures both inside and immediately outside the vehicles.

A large trailer has been designed and produced for extended field use, combining both kennels and staff welfare area. A highly sophisticated electronic system controls a safe and fully air-conditioned accommodation for both staff and dogs even in extreme conditions. Slide out pods ensure maximum living space and a sophisticated television system with integrated external cameras provide both staff entertainment and added security.

Helicopter RAF Training PODs

Working in partnership with Lutra Associates we designed and manufactured Merlin and Puma Helicopter Training Pods for the UK Joint Helicopter Command.

The trainers are an accurate simulation of the original helicopters and are designed for training troops in embarkation, disembarkation and safety drills.

The simulators are constructed within an ISO container frame and have an in-built hydraulic jacking system to facilitate easy transportation and deployment.

Merlin & Puma Helicopter RAF & RN Training PODs

Pubs on Wheels

The Pubs on Wheels hospitality unit was designed and developed to provide a rapid deployable full function bar to support events, weddings, private parties and much more.

The conversion is based on an ex-military truck which arrives on site with everything on board to create a sophisticated and very pleasant bar environment.

Electrical power, for drink refrigeration and lighting, is provided by low noise generator or can take electrical power from an existing mains supply.

Specialist Car Transporters

We produce a wide range of specialist car transporters for conventional car transportation and dedicated motorsport car transporters.

With our roots firmly established within Motorsport for well over 25 years at all levels up to and including F1, we are proud to launch our latest cost effective quality race car transporters and support trailers.

Our motorsport car transporters include two, four and six car capacities variants. All versions provide options to ensure we can meet your requirements within your budget.

From single seaters through to GT and saloon cars we can provide a car transporter to meet your needs.

We also provide full refurbishment services for your existing transporter or can provide a fully bespoke new build.

Security Control vehicles

OSC have produced a variety of command and control vehicles of all sizes from cars through to trailers, the vehicle shown is based on a GMC four wheel drive and is in use in the middle east. Sophisticated electronics and welfare facilities allow the vehicle to be used for extended periods in remote areas and extreme temperatures.


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