Specialist Car Transporters

We produce a wide range of specialist car transporters for conventional car transportation and dedicated motorsport car transporters.

With our roots firmly established within Motorsport for well over 25 years at all levels up to and including F1, we are proud to launch our latest cost effective quality race car transporters and support trailers.

Our motorsport car transporters include two, four and six car capacities variants. All versions provide options to ensure we can meet your requirements within your budget.

From single seaters through to GT and saloon cars we can provide a car transporter to meet your needs.

We also provide full refurbishment services for your existing transporter or can provide a fully bespoke new build.



We operate a fully professional service including taking initial ideas and designing practical and durable solutions - contact us to ensure you receive the very best solution:

  • 01865 300999
  • info@oscoachbuilders.co.uk